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Sustainable Design

sustainable design

People always comment when I hand them my business card. They love the sun and the name.

And then they ask “What’s sustainable design?”

I chose the phrase carefully to reflect my values and beliefs.

In our fast-paced world, sustainability means making choices with the future in mind, creating peace in our lives, our homes and our communities, connecting with nature, taking responsibility for ourselves and supporting each other.

To design is to create with intent. That’s how I approach life, and it’s how I work with my clients.

Whether we’re designing a website, shooting a video or developing a marketing strategy, I’ll ask you what you want to accomplish. We begin there.


ask the right questions

Are you starting a new business or need more customers for one you already have?

Do you need to communicate key messages?

Is it time to freshen your company’s identity?

I specialize in supporting your transformation from who and how business or organization is now to how you’d like to be. This process is empowering and collaborative. I won’t rest until you love the results.


the blog(s)

I blog about all kinds of topics. These days I especially love sustainable architecture, natural building, community planning, social change and the new economy. In The Love Blog I explore creativity and mindfulness.

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It’s a new world out there, and it’s up to us to shape it.

In the words of visionary architect Buckminster Fuller: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

It’s time for sustainable design.



allison rae

Based in southern California, Allison is an expert web designer with an extensive background in consumer and business-to-business brand marketing. She's also a professional photographer. Her passion is combining creativity with business savvy to achieve results with her clients.

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